Home Insurance

Homeowners Insurance
Your home is, for most people, the most expensive thing you own and for many people the most expensive thing they may ever own.  Can you afford to rebuild your home?  Homeowners insurance can protect your investment against Fire, many types of Water damage, and Theft Damage and more.  Don’t forget to review your Jewelry, Gun, Fur or any other type of collectibles to be sure they are covered too.  Your homeowners can even protect you from liability you incur anywhere in the world.

Personal Umbrella – Look into a $1million Umbrella and get even more protection.

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Renters Insurance
If you own a home you have homeowners insurance to protect your belongings but if you rent who replaces your items when disaster strikes? Your landlord insures the building but it’s s up to you as a renter to protect your personal belongings.  Renters insurance is easy, affordable and will protect you from loss or damage in the event of: fire, theft, vandalism, and more. Renters insurance can cover your flat screen televisions, computers, stereo equipment, clothing, furniture, sporting equipment, and collections even away from your home.

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Flood Insurance
Did you know nearly 1 in 4 flood insurance claims are paid on policies in low-to-moderate-risk areas. It doesn’t take a major body of water, or even a major storm, to cause a flood. Anything from a broken sewer line to a slow moving rainstorm can cause flooding. Flood insurance is available to homeowners, condo owners, apartment owners, renters and business owners alike.  Contact us today to find out how affordable it can be.

Rental and Seasonal Property Insurance
Whether it’s your second home or your fourth you still need to have equal protection for your investments.  Landlord policies not only protects your structure but protect you against liability claims as well.  Take some time to review your rental property protection like you would with your home insurance.

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