Study Ranks Driving Skills of Californians 39th in U.S., Nevadans 40th


California and Nevada motorists rated an average grade of 77 out of 100, which placed California 39th and Nevada 40th among all states and the District of Columbia, according to a report by the website Everquote that made evaluations based on the percentage of drivers who use phones while on the road, speed, accelerate aggressively, brake “harshly” or turn poorly. The score for both states was lower than the average of 79 for the nation. Everquote tracked the driving behavior in this past year of persons who downloaded its app, which measured and ranked driving skills on a scale of 0 to 100.

By type of driving behavior, California and Nevada motorists rated the following scores based on these percentages of drivers who engaged in these dangerous actions while on an average journey:

 Use phones while driving: California motorists rated an 81 based on 35% of motorists in the state who did this, while Nevada finished with an 80 as 36% of drivers used phones. California’s score was equal to the average for Western states and greater than the national average of 80.

Speed: California got an 82 because 32% of drivers did this, while Nevada rated a 79 based on 40% of motorists speeding. The averages for the West and nationally were 83 and 79, respectively.

Accelerate aggressively: California 79 as 28% of drivers engaged in this behavior; Nevada 82 as 25% of motorists did this. The averages for the West and nationally were 86 and 85, respectively.

Brake harshly: California 77 based on 41% of drivers braking harshly; Nevada 82 with 33% of motorists doing so. The averages for the West and nationally were 86 and 83, respectively.

Turn poorly California 84 as only 18% of drivers turned poorly; Nevada 83 based on 19% of motorists doing this. The averages for the West and nationally were 87 and 86, respectively.

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