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I have a variety of coverages I offer, specializing in non profits.

Bart J. De Lio Insurance Agency

Homeowners Insurance

Your home is most likely the most expensive thing that you own. In many cases it may be the most expensive thing you ever own. Why not take some time to see if you’re covered.

Automobile Insurance

Bundle bundle bundle. That’s that’s what you hear in the television these days but it is the right thing to do what you hear on the television these days. But is it the right thing to do to save you money? Find out by getting comprehensive quote across several companies competitive rates. There were times when it’s better to buy individual policies rather than bundle.

Insurance for Non-Profits

Having served on served on many non-profit boards I have a unique perspective on how to cover your 501c (6), service organizations, and 501c(3) charitable organizations.  Lets review your coverage today and  see what you might be missing.

Other Policies

Bart J. De Lio Insurance Agency

Be sure, not just insured.

Whether your non-profit, multi million or a sole proprietor business, I can handle all your insure needs.

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