Get ready for new rules in 2025: Essential balcony inspection guide.

In an essential discussion with Dana Delmar-Fights from Old Republic Title, we delve into the critical topic of balcony inspections—a response to a tragic incident that resulted in the loss of six college students due to a known balcony defect that was not addressed. This alarming event prompted the enactment of new laws, set to take effect in 2025, mandating regular inspections to enhance safety and compliance.

Prompted by a fatal accident, new legislation will require more stringent inspections to prevent similar tragedies. Starting in 2025, properties with balconies must comply with new inspection standards aimed at increasing safety and accountability among property owners.

Inspection Requirements for Condos and Multi-unit Buildings:

  • Condos: Every nine years, inspections will cover 95% of elevated structures like balconies, decks, and walkways.
  • Multi-unit buildings (three units and up): Inspections every six years, focusing on 15% of elevated elements, checking for structural integrity and safety hazards such as rotting wood and loose fittings.

“The new balcony inspection laws represent a significant shift towards enhancing safety.”

Inspections must be conducted by licensed structural engineers or architects, ensuring a high standard of assessment and accountability. This professional requirement underscores the seriousness of the inspections and the need for expert evaluations.

Failure to comply with inspection requirements can lead to significant fines. More importantly, if inspections identify necessary repairs that are not addressed promptly, property owners could face further penalties, emphasizing the law’s focus on proactive safety measures.

For those in homeowner associations (HOAs) or owning rental properties, now is the time to prepare. Engaging with property boards or planning inspections ahead of the deadline is crucial to ensure compliance and safety. Lenders might also begin requiring inspection reports as part of the mortgage process, further integrating these new standards into the broader real estate and financial sectors.

The new balcony inspection laws represent a significant shift towards enhancing safety and accountability in property management. For detailed guidance or questions about preparing for these changes, property owners and HOA members are encouraged to reach out to us by phone or email for professional advice and support.

Special thanks to Melinda Elmer for this article.

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